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£49.97 +VAT for online course

Professional Sienna X Waxing Transition Course is available Online and can be completed at your own leisure, on a computer, tablet or mobile, saving you time and travel expenses. You will receive an e-certificate after completion denoting your status as a Sienna X Wax Professional.

This course offers an introduction to Sienna X luxury depilatory system for experienced wax therapists on how to deliver a professional and premium treatment. An interactive module to complete at your leisure, the course will refresh your knowledge on waxing theory and provide tips and techniques for providing an efficient service.



Is this course right for me?

The Waxing Online Transition Course is designed for experienced wax therapists already offering wax treatments and looking to switch to Sienna X wax.

Prerequisite for this course:

  • NVQ Level 2 qualifications (or equivalent) or,
  • 1 year of regular weekly waxing

What to expect…

Waxing Online Transition Course: Topics Covered

  • Refresh your knowledge of the science of waxing
  • Client care – recap of contraindications, contra-actions & aftercare
  • Client consultation – more than just an insurance requirement
  • Make it luxurious – what creates the professional touch
  • Introduction to Sienna X luxury depilatory
  • Video and ‘how-to’ guides to perfect Sienna X application techniques
Hear it from our customers…

“It was so easy to switch to Sienna with this course. I’m so excited to be offering a more luxury waxing treatment to my clients!”
– Nina

“I’ve used a lot of wax products over the years and have come across Sienna X wax and would never use anything else and smells amazing!!”
– Carrie

£49.97 +VAT for online course