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Professional wax training courses for advanced and beginners, available throughout the UK

At Sienna X we believe that training is a journey, not a destination.

We offer the highest level of wax training available. So you will leave your course feeling happy and confident, ready to apply your new skills and expertise.

We offer a wide range of courses to meet a variety of needs – from the absolute beginner, to the experienced therapist looking to switch brands or broaden their services.

Beginners’ Waxing Course

£275 +VAT

No previous experience is required for our Beginners’ waxing course. It’s the ideal introduction to waxing and will ensure you’re ready to start practising your skills on clients.

It includes both a 2 day wax training course, online course and case studies. Learning to wax has never been easier!

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Expert Advanced Wax Course

£150 +VAT

If you want to become a true master of your craft then the Expert Advanced Wax course is ideal. It includes intimate waxing and enables you to broaden the range of treatments you offer clients.

This course is also available in-salon for £695.00 + VAT and travel (for up to 6 therapists).

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Online Transition Course

£49.97 +VAT

Refresh your skills or help students with the Online Transition course. Offering an interactive online module, videos and ‘learn to wax’ guides, this course can be completed at your leisure from home, salon or wherever you like.

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Continuous education is the most important investment you can make, to help guarantee your success in business.

The more like an expert you sound and behave, the greater confidence your clients will have in you, and subsequently they will be willing to pay for your service, so refresh your knowledge annually. Even the smallest tip or trick gained from wax training can make a huge difference to your treatment, service and technique, saving you time, helping you increase your profit margin and ensuring your service is the best it can be.

Whether you are looking to expand your treatment menu, switch your current supplier or simply want to develop your skill set, Sienna X education has a comprehensive considered wax training course to meet your needs; including a bespoke online module to ensure your training day is full of practice.

Our wax training courses are held in Cardiff, London, Worcester and Manchester.