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Using Social Media to Promote Your Beauty Business

6 Min Read Thursday 2nd July 2020

We all know the immense power that the social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok hold during these fast-moving times – even more so during the Coronavirus pandemic. But as a beauty business owner, what can they do for you?

More than just provide your clients with key contact and treatment information, your social media accounts can be utilised for things such as:

  • to boost your local brand awareness
  • provide your clients with tips and tricks
  • help you to book in new and returning clients without any hassle, but more on that later!


Hailed as a ‚Äòbusiness must have’, it’s no surprise that Instagram is a key player for growing your business, both online and locally. But did you know that it can do so much more than just showcase your before and afters?

Studies conducted during 2020 has shown in that there were 24.46 million Instagram users as of March 2020, with 31.9% of them being aged between 25-34.

This means that even though it very much appears to be an oversaturated platform, there is plenty of scopes to really showcase you, your business and your knowledge across your gird and Instagram stories.

However, since there is such a high level of active users, to grow strong and steadily – here at Sienna, we highly recommend the use of a content strategy. This doesn’t need to be very long or complex, but a strategy that helps you to plan and share content on a consistent basis (3-4 times per week to the grid, and up to 20 times per day on IG stories is a good starting point to see consistent results.)

A great app to help you get started with this is Plann for easy on the go planning, however, if you’ve got a little more time then creating content for an entire month using a spreadsheet dedicating space for each day.

Personal, Creator or Business Account?

With the growth of the platform, we now also have the option to turn our beloved Instagram accounts into full-fledged business centres by utilising the different account options – known as personal, creator and business, and of course, each one allows you as the user to do different things!

These options, and what they can do for you will be shared with you in-depth in an upcoming blog post soon!


TikTok is one of the newest platforms to come to the social media world, quickly adopted and utilised by the Millennial and Gen Z demographics to share their creativity for trends and dances that are created – those of which we’re now seeing filter through to our everyday environments.

Research conducted in the UK shows us that TikTok has 3.7m active users in the UK alone, with this due to increase to 10 million in 2021. As well as users spending a whopping 41 minutes per day on average on the platform.

It may sound like a daunting prospect to jump onto a brand new platform and get involved with the dance trends such as the Savage/Carole Baskin or the one for Renegade, but with so many eyes on the platform on daily basis, it’s a great way to break through the noise and really showcase your knowledge, your growing business and your personality.

To see a consistent growth on the platform, we recommend posting content on a regular basis that you love, rather than jumping on every trend as and when they arise. This way, your account will be served to users who are more likely to fall into your demographic and interests via the unique algorithm. Keep your eyes peeled for our top tips and tricks for using TikTok effectively for your business!


A love or hate platform for many of us, however, Facebook will always be one of the strongest platforms to create meaningful conversations and interactions with your new and existing clients, as well as sharing valuable content in the form of blog posts and relevant news articles.

To utilise Facebook effectively we highly recommend creating a business page with the same name as your Instagram account. Then you can link the two to cross share content such as your stories to help break through the noise.

What’s nice about creating a business page also is that you can assign yourself as an employee on your personal Facebook page! This helps to show your authenticity as a business owner, as well as creates credibility for your brand.

With this in mind, however, be sure that any statuses that are shared publicly from your personal account are in keeping with the appearance you wish to portray for your brand.

To break through the noise further, be sure to really utilise all the tools provided to you on your Facebook page, such as the option to go Live directly on your page, create interactive polls and even GIFs to help create an authentic conversation with your followers.

Much like on Instagram, Facebook also requires a consistent content strategy to have strong and sustained growth and presence on the platform. However, you’re often encouraged to post very similar content on both Facebook & Instagram to help cement your brand consistency.


One of the more forgotten about platforms compared to the more creatively led alternatives, however, Twitter still currently retains its authority for keeping users up to date with the latest news, trends and interesting conversations on a consistent basis.

From Love Island to the political conversations, there is space for every voice on Twitter, as well as being a great way to share direct links to your company website for your followers. However, Twitter does not like the sharing of content from other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn, so try your best to steer clear of linking them together.

With around 13.7 million active users on the platform and over 500 million tweets sent per day, your Twitter will need more love and attention than your other accounts.

Due to this high level of usage, you can utilise the platform on a more consistent daily basis, posting around 20-50 tweets per day. However, these do not need to be all directly from your account. Taking time to engage in relevant conversations, replying to questions etc will be counted in this, and in turn, help to grow your overall presence on the platform.

A key stat to remember here is that your tweet will often only last for around 20 minutes before it is lost to the sea of conversations taking place. So make your content stand out!

We’d love to know what other tips and tricks you want to know to help your business grow online! Let us know by filling in our handy form!

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