Upper lip, chin and neck waxing


Is it weird to get your moustache (or ‘upper lip’ area in salon lingo) waxed off? Of course not!

Lots of women like to wax areas of their face because the results last for up to a month, the hair shafts grow back feeling softer and repeat treatments result in sparser, finer regrowth. Plus, each facial treatment, like chin waxing or neck waxing, is over within 10 minutes because there’s such a small area to cover.

Shaving areas of the face makes regrowth appear thicker and more noticeable because of its stubbly and blunt appearance. Similar to threading and plucking, waxing is better because it removes hair follicles from the root so they have to re-grow again from scratch.

waxing is quicker because all the hair is removed in a couple of swift movements

However, unlike other depilation techniques that remove either individual or a few hairs at a time, waxing is quicker because all the hair is removed in a couple of swift movements. This means that no matter whether you want to remove a little bit of fuzz from cupid’s bow or thicker growth from your chin it’ll all be over in minutes.

It’s common for the skin to become reddened or slightly sore after a face waxing treatment. Rest assured that the after-care products applied to your skin immediately following your session will work to alleviate some of the discomfort and tenderness upon application. Before you know it any redness will subside and you’ll be left with smooth, hair-free skin.

Many salons offer package deals that include eyebrow waxing, upper lip waxing and face waxing in a single treatment so you can get everything done in a single session. Better yet, because Sienna X waxes are formulated to be kind to sensitive skin you’re guaranteed to leave the salon feeling cared for, pampered and rejuvenated.

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