Treat yourself for Valentine’s Day!

Give yourself the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift with a relaxing self-care night! With fancy restaurants and romantic dates just distant memories at this point, give yourself a break. Enjoy a relaxing night in with you and your favourite tipple (partner optional obviously!)

1. Set the Valentine’s mood

First things first, set the mood by putting up some fairy lights and lighting up scented candles and feel your worries already starting to melt away.

Treat yourself with a bar of chocolate (or two) and pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple. Draw yourself a nice warm bath with some bubbles and maybe a bath bomb if you’re feeling fancy!

Before putting on a face mask (which everyone knows is a self-care day essential!) remember to take off your make up. Our incredible Cleansing Lotion is filled with oils like Organic Coconut, Sweet Almond and Meadowfoam Oil. It’s also formulated with Shea Butter to wash off makeup and impurities without stripping your skin. Think soft, moisturised and clean skin as a result.

2. Don’t forget a face mask

While you let your worries float away in a bath, take time to treat your skin with a face mask! For people with oily skin or if your skin needs a pick me up, try out our Clay Mask. This detoxifying mask, formulated from three different clays that will surely get rid of any toxins and impurities your skin might have cumulated during the day. This deep cleansing treatment will leave you feeling clean, healthy and with a glowing complexion.  

For those with drier skin or looking for a hit of hydration, The Miracle Mask, containing 10% Natural Manuka Honey, helps to retain moisture and makes the skin appear instantly brighter. This revolutionary 3-in-1 product can be used as a mask, an overnight deep cleanse or a moisturiser.

3. Skincare time

After your nice long bath, get a bathrobe and give yourself a little extra time to treat your skin with some of our lovely products. If you want to spoil yourself or have thought about trying more of our products, have a look at our new Valentine’s Day gift sets. This is a perfect gift to give to yourself (or to hint that special someone to give to you!)

The Winter Glow Gift Set contains our fabulous Clay Mask as well as The Facial Oil, which rejuvenates, nourishes and improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, perfect for a self-care session. The set also includes The Eye Cream with anti-pollution formula and SPF15 designed to lift and brighten the eye area.

For people looking for that miracle skin, our Winter Miracle Gift Set includes our fabulous Miracle Mask, helping to retain moisture of the skin. The Gift set also includes our concentrated Sleep Tanning Drops which can be added to skincare routines and helps to bring that bronzy glow back to the skin.

Last, but not least – for those with sensitive skin, take a look at the Winter Calm Gift Set! The Cleansing Balm which is a luxurious 3-in-1 product that deep cleanses the skin. It can be used as a makeup remover or a relaxing mask treatment, perfect for creating the ultimate relaxing evening.

Another relaxing product to try from us is our beloved Toning Solution! This Organic Rose Water and Aloe Vera mist is perfect to revitalise and plump your skin. The Toning Solution can be used after your skincare routine to lock in the moisture and brighten the complexion or you can use it throughout the day if your skin needs a pick-me-up for a naturally dewy look.

4. Self-tan for even more glow

If you want to achieve an overall glow self-tan is your best friend! Our award-winning Gradual Self Tan Lotion gives you that perfect natural-looking glow. This best-selling product has cocoa butter, that hydrates the skin, Butchers Broom combatting cellulite, and it smells like coconuts!

5. Treat yourself

After your extensive and papering skincare routine hop into your comfiest PJs and treat yourself with another glass because let’s be honest, you deserve it! Giving yourself time to take care of yourself and recharge is not just for Valentine’s day, your skin will thank you the next morning, trust us!

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