The rosewater body spray that doubles as a fake tan

Wish fake tanning were simpler and faster? We’ve got you covered with Gradual Untinted Self Tan Rose Water!

This fragrant rosewater spray is a refreshing tonic for the face and body that lends the skin a light, buildable glow that lasts for 2-3 days. That’s right! Combining skincare and tanning, this lightweight spray simultaneously balances, hydrates and tones the skin while imparting a gorgeously sun-kissed colour that develops over 4-8 hours.

The best bit is that application takes just minutes if not seconds. It’s dead simple, super-fast and guaranteed to lift, revive and rejuvenate your skin without the prep work of a full-on fake tan treatment with a lotion or mousse.

Spritz the scented formula over your face and body, holding it 10-15 cm away from your skin to achieve a glow that gently develops as you go about your day (or overnight if you apply before bed). The hydrating, vegan-friendly formula will leave your complexion looking and feeling brighter and fresher.

If you’d like to build a deeper, streak free tan, you can continue to apply the rosewater to your face and body for a series of days:
Day 1: Light to medium
Day 2: Medium to deep
Day 3: Deep

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