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The perfect tanning solution for a Mediterranean glow

2 Min Read Thursday 8th August 2019

Have you tried our Olive Tan Tinted Solution yet? Formulated to lend the skin a Mediterranean glow, this new addition to our salon solution range is guaranteed to be a keeper.

Designed to give the skin a warmer glow, this beachy solution is a brilliant alternative to offer to clients with darker complexions. Lighter tanning solutions, although perfect for brightening the skin, don’t show up as well on darker skin tones. Olive Tan Solution is designed to harmoniously match with olive-based tones in particular, hiding blemishes, correcting uneven pigmentation and enlivening dull-looking skin in an instant.

And it works equally as well on lighter complexions, especially during the summer when clients are more likely to select a richer finish anyway!

Olive Tan Solution sprays on with a warm olive guide colour that develops over the course of the day and needs to be washed off in the shower, just like all our other shades of salon tanning solution. Enriched with¬†Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond Oil and Olive Oil, this skin-nourishing product also boasts a summery coconut and vanilla fragrance. Plus it’s¬†quick-drying, moisturising and vegan-friendly too.

We’ve got¬†Light-Medium¬†and¬†Medium-Dark solution on offer so there’s the perfect shade available for every skin tone. Moreover, it’s the easiest addition to make to your treatment list because you won’t require any extra bits of kit or equipment. Simply pour into your spray gun bottle, as you would with any other tanning solution, and you’re off!

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