The perfect fake tan for winter

When the morning frost has settled on your windscreen and the evenings are getting colder by the day, sporting a rich, tropical tan can look as out of place as wearing a cardigan in a steam room. But that doesn’t mean you need to forgo your tan altogether.

Why not opt for a subtle touch of colour that complements the winter backdrop and enlivens your skin?

To help you, we’re sharing our favourite tips for the perfect fake tan for Winter!

Go gradual!

Achieve a warm glow this season with a gradual tanning option such as the Untinted Gradual Lotion that leaves the skin looking brighter, clearer and smoother. Applied in the same way as a moisturiser, a cream-based gradual tanner develops gently over the day and can be reapplied as often as you like to build up to a shade that suits you.

For a facial sunkissed glow, why not opt for our Sleep Gradual Tanning Drops too?! Perfect for adding to your favourite moisturiser morning or night alongside your skincare routine. 

Get primed!

To guarantee a flawless finish, team your Untinted Gradual Lotion with the Perfect Primer. Apply it over dry areas, such as the ankles, knees and elbows to even-up your skin, encourage hydration and encourage a seamless application of colour free from streaks and patches.

The Primer also works seamlessly with your favourite Sienna X self-tan mousse or mist if you’re on the search for a tinted finish as your colour develops.

The skin-nourishing ingredients also help to keep the drier areas of your skin hydrated and moisturised! 

Glam up!

We know at this time of year, you want to feel super glam, even if it’s just for you! That’s why we want you to find the perfect fake tan for winter! For this, add the Skin Finish Illuminating Mist to your arsenal!

Acting as an instant brightener, that helps to enliven a fading tan with dewy, golden moisture – the refreshing spritz works as a ‘tan-reviver’ contains light-reflecting pigments that lend the skin a glimmering finish with a single application. 

You can even apply it under your make up to create a gorgeous sunkissed base alongside the Facial Oil and turn your winter tan up a notch!

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