The best exfoliator to prep the skin for a facial

Have you heard of The Facial Polish? It’s a new exfoliator for facialists who are looking for a product that combines the very best features of a mechanical scrub with the added skin-brightening benefits of a chemical exfoliant.

First off, the Mineral Volcanic Pumice acts as a mechanical scrub, gently sloughing away surface residues and impurities. Then the naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) from fruit acids chemically exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells, boost circulation and improve moisture content. The results? Super smooth, radiant and luminous skin that’s ready for optimum absorption of other skincare products, such as healing masks, moisturising serums, nourishing oils and hydrating moisturisers.

Regular facial exfoliation is useful for clients who suffer with breakouts because it removes the build up of dead skin cells that can clog their pores and make their skin feel and look older before its time. It also encourages the skin to accept moisturisers more readily, which plump, protect and soften the skin over the long term. In fact, exfoliation is a skincare step that should form a part of everyone’s regular cleansing routine to instantly lift dullness and stimulate a clearer complexion, much like how cleaning a grimy window lets the light in.

Winner of best facial exfoliator at Top Santé Skincare Awards 2019, The Facial Polish is suitable for all skin types and boasts a gorgeous texture that’s a real treat for the complexion.

To use as a scrub, dampen your client’s face and apply a cherry sized amount to their skin. Then massage the product in with your fingertips in a circular motion for one minute. Focus your attention on dry areas of the face, such as the nose. Wait five minutes and rinse off thoroughly or wipe off using a damp flannel. Here’s a video tutorial with all the details.