Skincare saviours that minimise pores

Pores are not like doors; you can’t open and close them at your will. However, you can minimise the appearance of blocked pores that have clogged up with the dirt, impurities and sebum that cause blackheads and blemishes.

Here are two brilliant products in our capsule skincare range that work fantastically when it comes to unblocking the pores:

The Clay Mask

Detoxifying and hydrating, this clay-based mask absorbs excess sebum, toxins and impurities, making it perfect for use on oily skin types, especially around the T-zone area. Formulated to lift off traces of pollution, promoting a clean, healthy and glowing complexion, it also minimises congested pores and blackheads. Clay has the natural tendency to cling to dirt, making it a brilliant ingredient in face masks that aim to unclog blocked pores and smooth the skin. Here’s a video tutorial on how to use The Clay Mask.

The Toning Solution

Use this hydrating toner to close the pores between products, lift off residual cleanser and eliminate sebum and dirt that’s stubbornly sticking to the surface of the skin. Cleansing the skin properly helps to promote a brighter complexion that’s free from large pores and moisturising it with a toner helps it to feel softer and fresher. Toner also preps and primes the skin so it can readily absorb the other products you’ll be using in your facial treatments. If you prep well with a nourishing toner, everything that’s applied on top is better able to penetrate the skin, which means you’ll use a smaller amount of follow-on products.