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Sienna X Wax Courses

Sienna X Luxury Waxing is one of the most profitable, easy, and quick beauty treatments around; “The bread and butter of Therapists treatments”

For You: You make 95+% Profit in just 20 minutes

For your clients: It’s a luxurious sophisticated treatment that will set you apart from your competition, cooling, results-driven, spa-like treatment with skin-protecting ingredients and fresh fragrance.

Why partner with Sienna X?

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       You are in very safe experienced hands

This £7.95 pot can generate £300 + Approx 95% Gross Profit
Quick & Easy 20+ Minute TreatmentsLearn in a day, practice in a week, profit in a few months
Open to Everyone10 1/2 leg waxes per week could earn you £180

7 reasons to train with Sienna X

Your PTLLS qualified trainers are Spray Tan Experts, Sienna X has the highest awarded CPD points, you will be trained to be the best.

  1. Online Course completed prior to a full-day practical course.
  2. Learn top tips, best-kept secrets and ways to give calmer results.
  3. Guaranteed confidence and competence with an easy to remember routine.
  4. Find out how you gain more repeat clients and generate more referrals.
  5. Perfect wax techniques across different bodies for consistent professional applications.
  6. Keep your clients happy, ensuring they rebook and refer you to family and friends.
  7. You will earn more money from your wax usage if you train the Sienna X way.

Book your Luxury Wax Courses

It’s easy, either book one of the courses below or save money by investing in a Sienna X subsidised kit that also includes training

Suitable for beginners or unconfident waxers, with an online course to be completed prior to your Practical Day Course

For confident Wax Therapists who have successfully passed the Sienna X beginners or have attended other beginner Wax Courses

For Therapists who are thinking of switching to Sienna X Luxury Wax

This kit has been selected for the Beginner Wax Professional and includes:

2 Day Beginners Training Course
Luxury Wax, Wax Heater and Accessories
Enough Luxury Wax to earn as little as £1,100 or £3,000 or more (treatment dependant)
Payment Plans available*

* T&C’s apply

The Sienna X Promise

If like us, your ethos is to work with brands and partners that only want what’s best for you and you only want to buy once, then you have come to the right place and we look forward to sharing your journey with you.

All you need to start up in Luxury WaxingEnough wax to do up to 40 treatments
Pay for your Kit & Be in ProfitEnough wax to turn over £1,100

Sienna X Training Reviews

Take a look at the great reviews left by our accredited Sienna X Therapists

Where’s my nearest training venue?

Sienna X Training Courses are Nationwide!

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