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Karen's Story

Discover how adding Sienna X to her client treatment list benefited her business...

Case study

Karen Evans, Urban Beauty, Barnsley  

“My story began 10 years ago, when working in a builder’s office, I decided to make a change and do something girly for a change, so started with a nail course.

When I finished my year-long course I saw a “to let” sign on a hairdressing salon in my local town. I saw it as a sign to change my career straight away, so I signed the lease and that was the start of my new life.

After a couple of months of setting up my new venture I decided I needed more treatments to offer and came across a poster in my local suppliers giving spray tan tuition, I jumped at it, and low and behold it was Sienna X, I loved it instantly and started offering this in my new salon.


I went from strength to strength, ordered many litres and had Spray Tan Fridays, where between 15 to 20 ladies came and I sprayed until 10pm, I loved it, even got a buzz. My clients and I made a night of it some bringing wine, some making coffees, we made it a party atmosphere and new friendships were made for my regulars.

After 8 years of paying rent and working my spraying finger to the bone, I now own a new house with a custom-made salon on my grounds, my spray tans are still popular but I’ve been able to take a little time out for myself and at 44, even managed to say “can I call this part-time yet?”, can I eck, but life’s so much easier and with Sienna’s continued support I’ve been able to thrive, and for that I will be truly grateful forever.

When I ask my lovely regulars why they keep coming back, they say cause I know I will always get a good tan here, and my reply is don’t thank me thank Sienna it’s a product that speaks for itself!”


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