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Why tanning?

Mobile spray tanning offers an easy, low cost set-up.

No previous beauty training is required. Simply purchase one of our spray tanning kits (which include training) and you can start earning straightaway.

Train in a day, practice in a week, profit in a month.

Mobile tanning offers the flexibility to be your own boss, making it the perfect option for busy mums and those looking for a new career or extra income.

As the leading professional spray tan brand we have helped over 23,000 mobile therapists start their own business…



How much can I expect to earn?

Spray tanning is one of the most profitable beauty treatments.

One tan treatment will cost you £3.60 and takes 30 mins to complete.

So, when charging clients £20 (dependent on area) you can expect to earn a profit of £16.40 per tan.

That means for just 5 hours work you can earn £200 revenue.

Kelly, Mobile Therapist, Birmingham

A busy mum who found Sienna X provided the perfect balance between work and family.

“I decided being a mobile spray tan technician would be perfect to fit around my busy life as a mum. I could pick and choose when and where I worked and I knew Sienna X was a great product … I’ve been tanning for 5 years now and I’m always gaining new clients through recommendations … It’s all down to the great product and great training I received from the Sienna X team.” 

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Karen, Salon Owner, Barnsley

Discovered Sienna X offered the perfect add-on treatment for her business. And with the extra revenue she was able to buy a new home and salon.

“After a couple of months of setting up my new venture I decided I needed more treatments to offer and came across a poster in my local suppliers giving spray tan tuition, I jumped at it, and low and behold it was Sienna X, I loved it instantly and started offering this in my new salon. I went from strength to strength, ordered many litres and had Spray Tan Fridays, where between 15-20 ladies came and I sprayed until 10pm, I loved it, even got a buzz.”

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Liberty, Mobile Therapist, London

Was able to leave her unfulfilling job in retail and follow her dream of working for herself.

“I was in a retail job and really unhappy. The hours were long and I hardly ever got to see my friends. So I booked onto a Sienna X spray tanning course and quit my retail job. I can now choose what days and times I work.

Dad always said I’d never be happy until I was working for myself and now I am!”

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Andrea, Mobile Therapist, London

Discovered a new career after being made redundant

“One minute I was in a senior marketing and events job at a well-known TV channel, travelling the world and attending glamorous events, for which I would always go for a Sienna X spray tan beforehand to feel my best… the next thing I knew, I was made redundant and out of work in a very difficult job market. 

I had always found Sienna X to be the most natural and long-lasting tan, and so with all this time on my hands whilst out of work, I decided to visit their website and browse their at home products. Whilst doing so, I stumbled across their ‘training’ section and was excited to read about the various training courses and kit packages, and realised that this was something I could train in immediately and set myself up as a mobile therapist. 

Now I’m building up a client base and making use of all the amazing resources that Sienna X offers, and the fantastic support they provide over phone or email. 

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Kelly, Therapist and Trainer

Followed her passion and used spray tanning to top-up her income

I’m pleased to say I have the perfect combination. I now teach full time in a high school and offer beauty treatments in the evenings and weekends.

For anyone with children (like me) this is the perfect job (although I don’t class it as a job, it’s a passion, and the perfect way to meet new friends) to top up your income. Sienna X isn’t just for major companies and big salons, it’s for everyone, no matter your circumstances. I never started out intending on what I have now, but I couldn’t be happier and Sienna X has been with me for the entire journey! Sienna X is whatever you want it to be!

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Take the first step today

Our Silver Kit Package is perfect for those who don’t have any experience in the beauty industry but are keen to start earning money without the need for a big outlay.

This Package includes all the kit you need to get started, as well as two one-day training courses (our courses are the highest accredited spray tan courses within the UK beauty industry).

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