Tan Contour Applicator Brush

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A professional contour double ended brush to define and sculpt your clients cheekbones or create definition in smaller areas such as the bridge of the nose to create a flawless finish.

  • For face and body use
  • Sculpt and create definition

Voted Best Tanning Supplier 11 Years Running (2009-2019)

  • For face and body use
  • Sculpt and create definition


  • Soft brush hairs
  • Double ended contour brush
  • Premium chrome finish
  • Easy to clean

For Nose Contouring: Apply a small amount of Sienna X self tan lotion to a pallet and pick up a small amount of lotion onto your contour brush, wiping off any excess product. Starting at your clients brows blend the lotion down the bridge of your nose, stopping half an inch before reaching the tip of their nose. If your client wants their nose to appear slimmer, you can also contour down the sides of the nose. To help lift the nose, you can apply the self tan lotion underneath the nose to darken the tip. Ensure all areas are blended for a natural finish and a subtle contour.

For Double Chin Contouring: For clients who are concerned about their double chin, you can add shading to the jaw line and underneath the chin area for a more defined look. Start by picking up a small amount of self tan lotion onto your contour brush. In light gentle strokes, apply the product along the jaw line blending onto the neck. Ensure all areas are blended for that natural finish.

To clean, we suggest to gently wash the brush hair with shampoo and room temperature water. After wash, wrap the brush hairs with tissue and press allowing the tissue to absorb the water and leave to dry naturally.

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