Nostril and ear waxing for men


Gents, are you sick of trimming your nose and ear hair with tiny scissors and clippers? Wax away those extra tufts to groom your shnozzle and lugholes in minutes without all the fiddle.

As men age it’s natural for hair growth to increase or to sprout up in places where it didn’t exist before, like the ear and nose area. These extra hairs can look unsightly, especially if the follicles appear as terminal strands — thicker, stubborn growths — which is why many fellas opt to pluck them out or trim them down. Regular upkeep with clippers or scissors is essential if you choose trimming. Plucking them out from the root results in a longer re-growth period but it can be painful and annoying to remove each hair individually.

Waxing around the ears removes those troublesome hairs in one motion and in most cases regrowth won’t appear for two to three weeks after a treatment. Your therapist will only apply wax to the outermost part of the ear, avoiding any sensitive and delicate areas. The same will be done around the nose area to catch any wayward hairs that are peeping out from the nostrils.

Some salons offer a deeper wax that goes a little bit further into the nasal passage but in most cases it can be more than sufficient to tidy up those protruding hairs that sit at the very entrance to the nose and have become unruly.

Both treatments are quick to complete but the after-effects are long-lasting.  Add waxing to your grooming routine and upgrade your appearance from drab to distinguished in minutes.