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Welcome September’s Therapist of The Month…

This month sees the gorgeous Dionne taking the title of Therapist of the Month… we were super impressed with Dionne’s attention to customer service within her business, at Sienna X customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Carry on reading for the full interview…

Congratulations Dionne – how does it feel to be our Therapist of The Month?

I just want to start by saying thank you for giving me this opportunity and selecting me to be therapist of the month. Things like this don’t happen for me. Sometimes you feel like your working so hard and nobody actually sees it, So I really do appreciate this is incredible. Thank you Sienna’s for making me part of this.

Tell us a little bit about your background, your business and your relationship with Sienna X so far…

So I started tanning back in 2011 after doing my training in 2010. I used to live in the UK but then decided that after having my two beautiful children it was time to move back to my hometown in Guernsey Channel Islands. I moved back and that’s when it all started to begin I started to advertise myself and promote myself as Beauty Tan doing mobile spray tanning. To take ,me on my journey I decided to use the best sorry tanning solution around that is Siennax. I really couldn’t of picked a better product to work with. It has made my customers have faith in having spray tans again as a lot of customers will say to me I don’t want to turn orange and as soon as they have tried Siennax they can see that it’s just come so far.

Perfection is very important to me and I believe that this product is the best. My business means a lot to me and I take it very seriously client satisfaction is very important to me and I believe that every paying service should have that special treatment I guess that’s what makes me so special is that I make everybody feel comfortable and I am recommended to a lot of people on the island. It’s funny because we have an online advertisement page and every time someone asks where is best for a spray tAn my name will be mentioned at least 5 times. That in itself makes me proud. Loyalty is royality and to get that you have to earn respect from people and that’s exactly what I have done. Being on a small island you don’t need to advertise as if your good at what you do your name just speaks for itself.

What have you done to build up your client loyalty over the years?

In the last couple of years I haven’t needed to go on social media as my clients have done the promoting for me all you have to do is take your job seriously and be extremely good and what you do and the business will just come to you. I believe that anybody can do training buy all the equipment and claim to be good at spray tanning but it takes that little bit extra to be the best at what you do and I feel like I do the best that I can every time I tan somebody I go that extra mile and do everything to perfection it’s the attention to detail that’s the most important.

What has been the most memorable moment within your career so far?

So on my journey with spray tanning and working with Sienna X to provide this amazing service my best experience has to be coming to Worcester and doing my masterclass training, allowing me to more successful in my business. It was just amazing I will never forget that.

Finally – if you were on a desert island and you could only take 1 Sienna X product, which one would it be and why?

So if I was on a desert island and I could only take one product it would have to be the Radiance Body Balm… I absolutely love the gold pigments that it has in it. My skin always looks amazing after putting that on. I really do hope in the future that a body oil can be created as I really think that oils make your tan lasts longer, A shimmer coconut body oil would be amazing.


Throughout the month, you’ll see updates from Dionne and she’ll be giving away some of the secrets to her success… If there is anything you’d like us to find out, simply email us at

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