Tanning Trends Survey 2015 – The Results…

Thank you to all of those who took part in our 2015 Tanning Trends Survey. You can find the full survey results below. Please feel free to share these with your clients and use in your marketing activity to help you promote your treatment.

How often do you use fake tan products?

2-3 times per week                            14.4%
Weekly 37.0%
Once or twice a month 24.9%
Only on special occasions 22.1%


Which type of tan do you like to achieve?

Light                                           18.4%
Medium 62.6%
Dark 19.0%


Which of the following occasions would you consider using fake tan products for?

All occasions                                   54.7%
Party/night out 63.0%
A wedding 57.5%
A holiday 47.0%
A romantic date  48.1%


Do you prefer to have a professional spray tan or apply your own fake tan at home?

Professional                                   47.5%
At Home 52.5%


Select all of the below that you agree with. Fake tan…

Makes me feel more confident 26.2%
Makes me feel slimmer 65.2%
Encourages me to show more skin 63.5%
Makes me look healthier 86.7%
Allows me to wear less make up 63.5%


Do you think men should use fake tanning products? 

Yes                                                           70.7%
No 29.3%