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Ruth’s top tips for business success

Advice on how to build a business is something our customers ask us about all the time. So we thought it would be great for you to hear from someone who really knows about starting and marketing a mobile beauty business. In today’s post from our guest Therapist of the Month, Ruth Mihajlovic shares her top tips for business success. Over to you, Ruth…


  1. Set up a website. They’re not very expensive and there are lots of domain websites that have templates, which are great for anyone getting started. I find my clients like the fact I have a website and that all my information is available on there. I also feel it gives my business more validation too.


  1. Offer a Loyalty Scheme. You’re encouraging your clients to return and you’re saying thank you at the same time. I personally offer clients their 6th tan for free, but you can do whatever suits you best.


  1. Use social networks. There are a few different ones with the most popular being Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I would advise businesses to definitely set up a Facebook page and use this as a tool to promote your website, any offers, your achievements and it’s also great to encourage clients to leave reviews. You can share your page in local selling groups too, which is a cheap and easy way to market your business, and you can also pay to promote your page, which will help you get new clients.


  1. Offer excellent customer service. Listen to your client’s needs and if for any reason they’re not happy then always try and resolve this for a happy customer. Once, I had a client who had accidentally knocked water over themselves, spoiling their tan, so went back out to that client the same day to fix it for them. This obviously costs me money in the short term, however I know that my client will return time and time again as I have won their loyalty and recommendation.


  1. Maintain high standards. Make sure you provide the same premium service each time your client visits you. For example, never skip preparation and aftercare as part of your treatment as it’s these little details that create a truly professional experience. There are lots of spray tan therapists about but if you can build a reputation for offering a great service then word will spread and it gives you the edge over everyone else.