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It’s that time again, where we announce our chosen Therapist of the Month! For November, the winner is the lovely Ruth Mihajlovic, of MuBu Beauty. Ruth only began her spray tanning career early in 2015, yet has already completed all three levels of Sienna X training to become a Master Professional, whilst building up her business and working to make MuBu Beauty a brand in its own right. We were really impressed by Ruth’s determination and how she markets her business, and asked her about her journey so far.


Congratulations Ruth! How does it feel to be our November Therapist of the Month?

It feels amazing, especially when I think that I wasn’t doing anything like this last year and now I am not only doing great as a Spray Tan Specialist but have won Therapist of the Month – so thank you very much!


Tell us a little bit about how you started spray-tanning…

It all began early last year when I did my Level 1 Spray Tan training with Sienna X. I hadn’t worked for nearly 8 years due to having children, but the prospect of leaving them for a full time job was upsetting. I wanted to find something to fit around my family, but that could also be mine to grow and perfect. I’ve had spray tans myself for over 12 years and in more recent times I only ever asked for a Sienna X tan, so my husband said I should look into spray-tanning as a business! This made absolute sense as I have always loved the beauty industry so within a day of that conversation I had called Sienna X, booked my Level one course and a week or so later I had ordered my kit! The rest, as they say, is history.


How do you manage running a business around having a family?

Planning and lots of organisation – my diary is my best friend! It’s very busy – I have been known to spray tan a whole bridal party, go and collect my daughters from school and have them for a few hours, fit in some housework until my husband gets home, then head back out to spray tan until late in the evening! It can be a juggling act but I absolutely love it.


You’re very proactive with marketing and building your brand – how important do you think this is?

Very important, as the moment I started my business of spray tanning I decided I wanted to definitely have a brand, as I know it’s something clients and customers connect with more easily than just a name. I was scared in the beginning and never knew where it could go, but I believed that having a brand, website, doing my own marketing designs and using social networks would be a great place to start, to give me better validation.


You’ve completed all three levels of training with Sienna X – how useful has this been to you?

It’s been extremely useful; Level 1 is obviously the initial training so going back to do Level 2 and become an Approved Professional and then to progress on to Level 3 to become a Master Professional, gave me better knowledge to offer clients an even more tailored tan and I do think it has given me the edge over other therapists in my area.


How have Sienna X supported you in your career?

From the moment I signed up to do my training, everyone at Sienna X has been extremely helpful and supportive. Even now, if I ever need advice and a second opinion there is always someone who is happy to help me and to be honest, their excellent customer service inspired me to offer the same at MuBu.


What’s been your most memorable moment so far?

Being chosen to be Therapist of the Month – before I trained with Sienna X I had no previous beauty experience at all, so to think I have come this far and am good enough to be selected is just great!


What would be your biggest tip for someone thinking about starting in spray tanning?

Absolutely go for it! I try to make an appointment not just a spray tan but a premium experience so I would recommend that therapists aim for the best standard and don’t sell yourself too cheaply; if you offer quality and good customer service then your clients will return and more importantly, they will recommend you.


Finally – if you were on a desert island and you could only take 1 Sienna X product, which one would it be and why?

This is hard one as I absolutely LOVE the whole Sienna X retail range, but I would have to say the Gradual Self Tan Lotion as it contains lots of lovely ingredients to moisturise your skin, plus you can build up a nice natural glow with it.