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Meet our final Therapist of the Month for 2016

It’s time to spread some festive cheer and introduce you to our December Therapist of the Month – Jenna Blake of Jenna Mobile Spray Tanning! Jenna seriously impressed us with her infectious enthusiasm for all things Sienna X and her complete dedication to her clients, so for our special Christmas-themed TOTM, Jenna is ready to share all of her seasonal tips and advice.

We asked Jenna about her journey with Sienna X so far…

Why did you choose to train with Sienna X?

I wanted to offer the best possible service and be the most knowledgeable. Everyone’s heard of Sienna X and recognises the brand for quality, and after researching their training I was confident that they were the best. Sienna X also has different levels of training which I felt was a positive – after 6 months of tanning it’s nice to go back to refresh your skills and learn something new. It makes sure the quality of my service is always at the highest level.

You’ve recently started working on photo shoots– how is this different from regular tanning?

Photo shoots require an almost airbrushed finish. I use a contouring technique where I apply a darker shade for definition around certain areas such as the cheek bones, abs and décolletage. It requires real accuracy as the solution needs to be applied in a more concentrated way. Spray tanning is my life, so photo shoots are a nice way to mix it up.

You’re also now a fully qualified trainer after taking your PTLLS course. Why did you want to pursue this?

Before my first spray tan I had body confidence issues, but after, I felt comfortable in my own skin for the first time in years. As a therapist I’m obsessed with quality, experience and helping others feel good about themselves and as a trainer, I want to be able to inspire future therapists to feel the same. It’s amazing how some people don’t realise how much of an impact they can have with a bottle of solution and a spray tan gun!

I get frustrated when I hear about customers having bad tans – no preparation, patchy results or tans that are just totally the wrong colour. When tanning can change so much of a person’s life, why not go the extra mile? When I trained with Sienna X I learnt every single thing about tanning and I have used every bit of my training to inform customers and provide the highest quality service.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to move into different areas of tanning?

Research! There is a world of opportunity available in spray tanning.

I offer competition tans which are split into body builder and bikini, dance tans, 3D/4D contour tans and then basic tans (I call this my ‘Friday night’ kind of customer!) The first thing I did when looking into competition tanning was contact the largest UK bodybuilder competition provider and then I played around with solutions and products until I reached the criteria I needed. I also got friendly on social media and tried to connect with new people – I was lucky enough to meet someone who gave me some direction in terms of practice and training and I’ve now been offering those different tans for around 6 months.

What is it you love about working with Sienna X?

Where to start…! Everything from the helpfulness of staff, the products (including retail), the knowledge of staff both on the phone and during training, the determination to provide the best quality service and product. Being with Sienna X means you’re with a brand that you know is only going to continually develop. Just this year there’s been the 1hr HIT and Sienna X wax products launched, which are all high quality and easy to sell – which makes my job really easy! The honesty of Sienna X also means that I don’t have to sit in a customers’ house scratching my head when they ask me questions.

Who has been your most memorable client?

All of them are memorable in their own way – I am obsessive about making every customer matter.

I have one customer who originally came to me when her daughter was getting married in Spain and she wanted a summery glow. Having suffered from skin cancer however, she has to avoid the sun at all costs. She was incredibly nervous but I now see her about twice a year and I love that I can help her feel good about herself after her illness. I find a lot of customers open up to me – I’m like the hairdresser but with a spray tan gun instead of scissors! I once stayed up until 2am after a customer lost her husband – she just needed someone to talk to.

As we’re coming up to Christmas, what advice do you have for therapists tanning over the festive season?

Exercise – I know that sounds like a silly thing to say, but my hours are 8 am – 1am sometimes, 5 days a week. To maintain my energy levels I go to Pilates and pole fitness twice a week and I prioritise that break so that I feel more energised to give the best service!

Finally, which is your essential Christmas Sienna X retail product?

Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion without a doubt! This is the perfect all year-round product and is a best-seller with my customers, because it’s perfect for giving a bit of a glow or topping up your last spray tan. If I’ve not had time to have a spray-tan, I’ll apply a bit to my face and neck so that I don’t feel so pale in this weather. If you’re going to stay with friends and family and can’t fit a 200ml into your case – there are minis! There’s no excuse not to have this!