An interview with May’s Therapist of the Month - :

An interview with May’s Therapist of the Month

Wow, the lovely Nina Warden takes the May title of Sienna X Therapist of the Month, and impresses us with her passion, knowledge and fantastic communication skills. Let’s read what she has to say…..


Congratulations Nina – how does it feel to be our May Therapist of The Month?

I am over the moon and still can’t believe it! I feel extremely honoured to have won and can’t thank my lovely clients enough for voting for me. I love making people feel beautiful, so this is the icing on the cake. It means the world to me!

Tell us a little bit about your background, your business and your relationship with Sienna X so far…

My background has always been in the hair and beauty industry since leaving school. I previously managed a large salon prior to starting my own business three years ago and I’ve never looked back, I love working for myself. My tanning journey began when I visited Professional Beauty in London. I knew I wanted to add spray tanning to my treatment menu, but wanted to find out more about it and the best solution on the market. Within 45 minutes of chatting with one of the team from Sienna X, my kit had been ordered and my training was booked. From day one I loved it! My trainer Leigh was so inspiring, she could see how much I enjoyed it and suggested that when I could, I should look at the contouring course. I am so glad I took her advice; I completed my Level 2 and couldn’t wait to book my Level 3. I’m proud to work with Sienna X, as a therapist, it’s always great to find a product you love and even better when your clients do to. The support you get is second to none.

You received lots of nominations from your customers – how did you promote Therapist of the Month to them to get them to nominate you?

I sent all of my regular tanning clients a message explaining what the Therapist of the Month was all about and included the link. I had said that if they felt I would be a worthy winner, then I would really appreciate their vote. There was no incentive for them vote, so to receive so many was really overwhelming. My clients are amazing and I can’t thank them enough.

What have you done to build up your client loyalty over the years?

For me, professionalism is really important, yet still making clients feel comfortable and at ease. Many clients, especially new ones, can often feel nervous about getting half naked in front of someone. I remember a lovely client of mine had often spoken of wanting a spray tan, but felt so nervous and body conscious, the fear always took over. I had been cutting her hair for about a year at this point and had got to know her quite well. I was cutting her hair this particular day and she had mentioned that she had seen pictures of my work on my Facebook page and we were just generally chatting about it.

It was so clear to me; if I could just find a way to put her at ease, I was certain she would love the results a spray tan would give her. I suggested she wore a bikini.

I arrived at her house and as agreed, I spray tanned her in my bikini and when she stepped out of my cubicle, it was like a different woman! I couldn’t believe it, she not only looked great, but you could see, she really felt it to! She was over the moon and couldn’t wait to show her husband her new look.

Attention to detail and going the extra mile is also key. Each client receives a loyalty card, and can sign up to receive my monthly eNewsletter which gives them tips, tricks, inspiration and offers. I think just by doing some little extra touches, this lets clients know you care.

What has been your most successful marketing campaign/promotion to date?

I think tanning parties work really well; it’s a great opportunity to get together with your friends for a night in with a difference. Ascot and Prom season are always busy times to. I was also involved with the Sienna X SOS campaign a few years ago, that also really helped to raise the awareness of skin safety from natural tanning and sun beds.

You’re very active across the various social media platforms – how much of a difference do you think this makes to your business? How do you find time to keep on top of social?

I think our world is now pretty much all about social media. You don’t often come across someone who isn’t on some kind of platform, whether that’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, I think having an online presence is important as it makes it so much easier to share. It allows me to reach a wider audience and it’s not just all about the selling, it’s about sharing content that my clients and potential clients will find useful and will benefit them. Finding the time can sometimes be tricky, especially when you are trying to keep all your plates spinning; but I guess that’s like anyone really. For me though, the key is planning ahead and using a scheduling tool for the majority of it. I can then add any additional posts as and when I want to, but have the peace of mind that content is consistently going out.

This month is Skin Awareness Month, what do you do to educate your clients about the dangers of natural tanning?

Firstly I think it’s a really positive step in that we are raising the awareness of skin damage that is often caused by natural tanning and sun beds. We all know how much better we feel with a tan, but there are safer ways; such as spray tanning that will still give you a beautiful tan, without the risk of premature ageing and skin cancer. I went to the Dominican Republic whilst on honeymoon two years ago, and the sun was so hot, even at 8am, the sun was beating down. I was applying my SPF50 and still getting a lovely colour and yet the amount of people I would see, who would be smothering themselves in tanning oil and just cooking their skin in the midday sun was crazy!

I educate my clients by writing blog posts like this one I wrote last year; How Much Is Your Tan Costing You? and 10 Benefits of a Spray Tan. I would also be vigilant for any moles when I’m spray tanning clients, especially if they are in places that make it difficult for clients to see. My advice would always be; if you notice a mole that has changed in colour, size or appearance, go and get it checked by your GP. Don’t put it off; it could just save your life!

What has been the most memorable moment within your career so far?

That’s a tough one as there are a few that would stand out for me. Obviously winning this award would be one of them. I feel extremely proud to work with Sienna X products, allowing me to make my clients feel beautiful. The other would be being asked to write an article for PRO Hair & Beauty magazine for their Tanning feature to be included in their July/August issue. Both of these achievements mean the absolute world to me!

Finally – if you were on a desert island and you could only take 1 Sienna X product, which one would it be and why?

That’s another tough question as I would want to take them all! However, if I could only take one it would have to be Gradual Self Tan. I love the fact it feels like a moisturiser but allows you to have a beautiful natural glow to.



Nina will be writing a blog this month too, definitely one to look out for. If you’d like to get involved and be considered for June’s Therapist of the Month click here to register your details.