An Interview with April’s Therapist of The Month


This month sees the lovely Eve Joyner taking the title of Therapist of the Month… We were bowled over by her customers comments, and we absolutely melted when her hubby sent his nomination in… read the full interview to find out more.


Congratulations Eve – how does it feel to be our April Therapist of The Month?

It’s amazing!! I’m excited, shocked and very honoured to have such fantastic clients that have taken the time to nominate me.

Tell us a little bit about your background, your business and your relationship with Sienna X so far…

I was made redundant in 2008 after 8 years in financial services. I was pregnant with my first child so very much looking forward to having some time to enjoy motherhood without the pressure of returning to work for a while. After having my daughter in 2010 I knew then I would have to think about my next move with my career, as it was always in the back of mind that I would need to return to work at some point so I needed to put my redundancy monies to good use and considered retraining in a career that would compliment family life. I always loved the idea of one day being self employed so after lots of research and thought I took the plunge and booked my first course and entered the world of beauty!

Going back to studying was such a daunting prospect especially as it had been over 25 years since being in a class room! I qualified in ITEC manicure and pedicure just to test the waters and then went on to train in soak off gel. That’s when I met Caroline King.  Caroline was also an educator for Sienna X so I booked my tanning course with Caroline and I qualified in spray tanning in 2012!

Once my children were settled at school and nursery I was then able to focus on starting up a business. I started off as a mobile therapist. Due to client demands I then went on to train in other areas of beauty, building up my treatment portfolio as I went and I now have a beautiful studio, working more hours from home. It’s not been easy starting from scratch, blood sweat and tears have been shed but I had the passion and determination to make it succeed and I absolutely love and enjoy it all.

I had the pleasure in meeting James Harknett at a sculpting and contouring demonstration last year. He took the time to chat with me at the end and give me a few tips. James is very inspiring and a great ambassador.

Sienna X in my opinion is the best tan, I’m always open to trying out new products but I have found Sienna X is the most natural looking tan. With very little or no developing odour at all and that lasts! The guys on the end of the phone are always so friendly and helpful. With low order minimums and free P&P and next day deliver, I know I can always rely on them. I have now started to use Sienna X wax, I love the film hot wax and I am seeing great results.

You received lots of nominations from your customers – how did you promote Therapist of the Month to them to get them to nominate you?

I sent my regular clients a little message along with the link to say that if they thought me worthy of a nomination then please feel free to click away and they did! There was no incentive to do so, so I would like to thank them very much for doing this, it means a lot to me.

What have you done to build up your client loyalty over the years?

The feedback I get from my clients is that I make them feel comfortable and I put them at ease, after having children myself and being a curvy girl, getting undressed in front of a stranger can be a daunting experience. So I’m glad I make them feel relaxed. Also that I pay particular attention to detail. I will always make sure clients are prepared correctly, no cutting corners and the same goes for making sure that tan removal wipes are used to ensure those hands and nails don’t give away any tell tail signs. And aftercare, it’s good to remind even regular clients of do’s and don’ts making sure they get the best results from their experience with me every time.

What has been your most successful marketing campaign/promotion to date?

Spray tanning parties are a great way to get people into tanning, a glass of wine with friends to relax is a perfect setting and is always a giggle! The host will receive a free tan if they book in four or more guests, who wouldn’t want a free tan!  I also use social media a lot and tanning for me is all year round, so I like to keep my prices affordable but competitive and I know that my clients appreciate this.

One of your nominations came from your husband, Cy, who was full of praise for you – how do you manage balancing family life with such a demanding work schedule?

I can’t believe he actually did! I mentioned it in passing so very sneaky lol! Balancing work with family life can be a real juggling act at times, but without question my children come first. So for example I ensure that my appointments times are around school hours and evenings when my husbands home and kids are tucked up in bed!

Spray tanning fits so well with this because appointment times are short so I can get a few tanning appointments in and evenings are a great time to have a tan. The client can come and enjoy having their tan and go home to relax doing very little for the rest of the evening. There are times when a last minute booking comes in so I will do my upmost to squeeze in one or two extra appointments for regular clients.  I know they do appreciate this.

You offer a range of other beauty treatments; how do you find tanning fits in around everything else? Is it complementary to your other treatments?

Spray tanning fits in so well! I offer wedding/prom packages including a tanning fitting service but I find holiday tans are on the up! So when my clients book in for pre holiday pamper, spray tans can be included with their manicure and pedicure appointment. It’s a fab way to give you body confidence when you arrive at a sunny destination with a boost of colour being able to wear certain items of that holiday wardrobe that we all save for once you have achieved that glow!

I would definitely recommend not over doing the % as its never a good look to return fairer than when you left!

What has been the most memorable moment within your career so far?

There’s been a few, such as receiving messages from clients thanking me for their tans and how good it makes them feel to convincing clients that spray tans have moved on from the ‘you’ve been tango-ed’ days – especially those that have had a bad experience and have given up on fake tan altogether. The feeling you get when these clients rebook is very rewarding. Oh and with out a doubt getting Sienna X therapist of the month!

Finally – if you were on a desert island and you could only take 1 Sienna X product, which one would it be and why?

I would take the Radiance Body Balm – keeping skin hydrated is a must, with its rich Shea butter & vitamin E and with a hint of shimmer it’s a perfect addition to prolong, and add a touch of glam to your tan.


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