Hello Zoe! Here’s June’s Therapist of the Month


Our favourite time of the month is announcing our Therapist of the Month and sharing their stories. Zoe’s journey will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy……

Congratulations Zoe – how does it feel to be our June Therapist of the Month?

Excited beyond belief. This has given me the boost and confidence to continue doing what I love to do.    I am a creative person but to make a living out of an art is tough.  Some people may think ‘oh but it’s just a tan, a beauty treatment’ but to me, I love making people feel good about themselves, giving someone a spray tan is instant gratification not only for my client but also for me.  Knowing I am in a small part giving someone their inner confidence is very satisfying

Tell us a little bit about your background, your business and your relationship with Sienna X so far…

20 years ago I started a beauty therapist course but 6 months into the course I fell pregnant and left.   On the course I made an amazing lifelong friend who went on to open up her own Salon in Brighton.  On my many visits to the salon Zoe would treat me to facials and always a Sienna X spray tan.  On one occasion after I was beautifully bronzed Zoe asked me to tan her as she was going on holiday the next day.  With some trepidation and guidance I tanned Zoe and found I not only did I do a good job, I enjoyed it so much that I looked into training.  My thought was a little extra money would help the home budget.   Once qualified I spent a few months tanning a lot of friends to gain confidence.  In the beginning I would get only 1 or 2 tans a month, and each time I was so excited to be called.  I never really took building the business side too seriously until the breakdown of my marriage and then really looked to building a client base.   Well life took a few turns and nothing was really happening then in 2014 after meeting my amazing partner and moving to Plymouth I decided to do all it took and really push the business.   I wanted my own identity something that would stand out from other beauty providers and developed the vintage brand Mist Me.

I’ve had reps contact me asking me to try their brands but I have such faith and confidence in the results Sienna x offers that I just didn’t want to use anything else. It still surprises me the amount of clients who have had a tan in the past and have no idea what was being put on their skin or indeed have not heard of Sienna X.    This has led me to add onto my services and advise my clients on a healthy skin care regime for both inside and out with my Aloe Vera products, in return I believe by clients looking after their skin and the combination of Sienna X gives them the best results and for myself great satisfaction that I am supplying a profession service over and above most other mobile tanning therapists in my area.

I love meeting people who have either never had a tan or had not such a good tan in the past because my confidence in the product means I can put them quickly at ease knowing they will achieve a natural glow and feel amazing.

In the past 12 months I have had over 100 new clients and achieve this working with Mist Me only part time in the evenings.  My dream would be to make this my full time occupation.  I could then widen the area I cover.

I love the fact the Sienna X is a British company and the customer service is second to none.


What have you done to build up your client loyalty over the years?

By offering over and above just a spray tan, customer service for me is very important. Whether a client is new to tanning or a pro I will always give pre tan advice.  Discuss with them the occasion for the tan and what they are wearing, so I can advise on the shade and also pay more attention to the areas on show.  I will always advise them on how to maintain their tan for prolonged life and I always follow up the day after for honest feedback checking they are happy with the service and the tan.


What has been your most successful marketing campaign/promotion to date?

Its difficulty to say. I think having a brand image is very important other than just a name. People will associate with an image far quicker than a name so I make sure I have my logo on everything I produce.

I do a monthly free prize draw which I record and post on my Facebook and page and also the winners page – this generates a lot of interest.

More recently I’ve set up a Mist Me Inches group. The idea is to create an all ladies group for sharing ideas, support and friendship.  Although predominantly a weight loss group for me it’s all about health.    Healthy body, healthy mind, great skin and confidence.

But you can’t beat meeting people face to face so I try to attend quarterly Wedding/pamper events ~ having a tanning tent just seems to draw people’s curiosity.   This gives me the opportunity to build a rapour with people so next time they think about having a tan they will think of Mist Me.


How much of a difference do you think using social media makes to your business? How do you find time to keep on top of social?

Using social media has a huge impact on building any business these days. It’s the way society chooses to communicate.   The impact on my business since I have been more consistently active on my social media has meant that I am gaining new clients every week.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of social media but by being organised and setting up scheduled posts for the week can save time, not forgetting to remember my locality and my customer base. I use the Sienna X website a lot for inspiration and blogs.  I still have a lot to learn about social media and how to get the best out of it but I’m enjoying the journey.


What has been the most memorable moment within your career so far?

As I sit here writing this to you I receive a message from a bride I tanned last week thanking me for her tan and saying it was the perfect colour for her Big Day.   This is what it’s all about for me, bringing a smile to someone’s face.

My second most memorable moment was knocking on the door for a second appointment with a lady only to have her husband answer the door in his dressing gown saying he was ready for me. He was 65!   They were going on a cruise and he had suffered from skin cancer in the past and so couldn’t sit in the sun but didn’t want to be the only pale one in their group of friends.  They were both such a lovely couple and amazing given their age.


Finally – if you were on a desert island and you could only take 1 Sienna X product, which one would it be and why?

The Instant Bronzing gel without a doubt, I love this product.   I don’t always feel like stripping down and getting sprayed but I also don’t like looking like Casper and this product has been my saviour many times.  It’s so easy to use, gives an instant colour that can be built up to a rich dark bronze.