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Easy ways to fix mistakes made in the tanning booth

If you’ve made a mistake while tanning a client make sure to fix it quickly before they leave! Rectifying errors immediately will reduce the risk of the final colour developing with patches, streaks or missed bits. Moreover, your client’s tan is testament to your work — a poor spray tan will stop a customer from coming back and adversely affect your reputation.

Stained palms, feet and fingernails

If you’ve sprayed your client’s hands by mistake use a tan removal wipe to gently cleanse any product off their palms and fingernails. The nail bed and cuticles can become discoloured if your client isn’t wearing nail polish so rub each nail in turn to remove any solution that’s clung to the nail plate. It’s very tricky to accidentally stain the soles of the feet with tanner unless you’ve failed to properly clean the base of your booth. Sticky feet are ideal for protecting the soles and won’t leave marks on the tops of the feet from flip flop straps.

Sprayed over the hairline

Fake tan can temporarily stain a client’s hair so wearing a hair net/headband is always advised to guarantee that their hairline remains protected. If you’ve misjudged the angle and sprayed tanner over their hair use a tan removal wipe to gently remove as much product as you can. The face is an area of the body that is misted very gently anyway, so there’s unlikely to be lots of product to wipe off — a light dab should do the trick and any residue should come off in the shower.

Missed key areas

This one is easier to sort out. If you think you’ve missed bits, simply run through the steps of the treatment again from the beginning and rectify as you go along. Your client will be none the wiser and will assume you’re being super-conscientious to cover all areas and lend the skin a seamless golden glow.