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Is it safe to workout after I've fake tanned?

2 Min Read Friday 6th September 2019

Although it might be tempting to sneak in a quick workout at home while your fake tan develops, exercising with self tanner on is a recipe for disaster. Here’s why you should set down that kettle-bell and save the burpees for later:

The sweat your body releases during exercise moistens your skin, which disturbs the fake tan on the surface. This disturbance causes dribbles, streaks and patches to appear, resulting in a developed tan that looks unsightly. In fact, any form of moisture, from perspiration and heavy rain to the steam emitted in a sauna, can affect the final appearance of your glow.

Always try to protect your skin from getting wet so it can fully dry and almost ‘set’ on the surface once you’ve applied your self tanner — this means avoiding strenuous exercise and visits to the gym where you’re bound to perspire. Also try to wear loose clothing after tanning because tight straps, cuffs and jeans can rub up against your skin and disturb your seamless glow.

Bear in mind that once your tan has developed, it can begin to fade prematurely if you spend lots of time in hot showers and baths, steam rooms, swimming pools and jacuzzis. The heat of the water can strip away the colour earlier and reduce the lifespan of your tan.

Stick to quick, cool showers to maintain your colour, moisturise everyday and top up fading areas with a tanning mist or these brilliant Sleep Tanning Drops that you can blend into your regular nighttime moisturiser. Simply apply at night and wake up to brighter, golden skin in the morning.

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