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Is it safe to fake tan if I'm breastfeeding?

2 Min Read Tuesday 29th August 2017

With all the nappy changing and night feeds it’s no wonder new mums feel exhausted during those first few weeks of motherhood…

The demands of parenting can take their toll on the skin too, especially once the glow of pregnancy goes away, leaving it looking dull and dry. Fake tan can help you to grab some of that gorgeous glow back and lift your mood but is it safe to tan if you’re breastfeeding? And if you do, will your newborn get tanner on their chubby face and hands?

Fake tanning is safe if you’re breastfeeding as long as you use the right products and think about timing

For tanning at home, use a gradual tanner that’s applied in the same way as a moisturiser to add a touch of vibrancy to your tired complexion. Simply avoid the nipple area and once the product has been absorbed into the skin (this takes only a few minutes) you’ll be fine to nurse your baby again and there’s no risk of staining their skin.

If you’d prefer a professional spray tan, ask for a solution that develops super fast

If you’d prefer a professional spray tan, ask for a solution that develops super fast. For example, Sienna X One Hour tanning solution can be washed off after 60 minutes; it’s perfect for breastfeeding mums because the product can be applied and washed away in between feeds. Just be sure to nurse your little one before your tanning session starts to guarantee a full tummy and you should have plenty of time to achieve a sun-kissed tan before washing away the guide colour. Plus, because our tanners have a mild fragrance, your tot will still be able to recognise and be comforted by the unique scent of mama.

Some therapists have nipple patches available to safeguard your areola from tanning solution if you’d prefer to have the option of breastfeeding your bubba immediately after your treatment in case hunger strikes again.

Come on mums! Treat yourself to a luxurious sunless tan! You definitely deserve some precious ‘me time’.

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