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How to wax pregnant clients in their third trimester

2 Min Read Monday 16th March 2020

Pregnant women can’t lay down on their fronts, especially during the final three months of pregnancy when their bellies are growing at speed, which means you’ll have to adapt your technique when it comes to waxing the backs of their legs and thighs.

Expectant mums may also find it trickier to bend their legs as normal due to water retention, pelvic girdle pain and a general feeling of heaviness.

The best thing you can do for the comfort of a mum-to-be is to prep well so you can complete their treatment as quickly as possible. Also have a stool available to help them get onto the beauty bed and lend them a hand if they need extra support and stability.

Instead of asking your pregnant client to turn over after you’ve waxed the front of their legs as normal, get them to lay on one side and bring their bottom leg forward. You should be able to apply wax to the back of that leg with a little bit of extra maneouvering on your part.

Then you can ask them to turn over onto their other side and put the other bottom leg forward. Move your beauty trolley around the couch so you don’t have to work over your client.

If your products can’t be moved to the other side of the bed and are in a fixed spot you can ask your client to come off the couch and re-position themselves at the foot of the bed. That way you can keep them on the same side of the bed while accessing the remaining leg.

Another option is to ask your client to stand if lying down has become uncomfortable or isn’t possible for the entirety of the treatment. Lay some couch roll on the floor beneath their feet to catch any wax drips and you’re good to go!

Finally, be aware that pregnancy can make some women’s skin feel more sensitive than normal so continue to ask them if they feel comfortable throughout their treatment and be prepared to take breaks if you need to.

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