How to use self tan remover


Gaffes, boo-boos, whoopsie-daisies — whatever you want to call them, tanning mistakes are certainly annoying, especially when you’ve prepped your skin beforehand to encourage an immaculate glow and buffed until the cows come home. So what can you do about fake tan slip ups besides from sitting in a bathtub full of lemon slices and exfoliating like a fiend?

Let Eraser Self Tan Remover come to your rescue! This nifty new product eliminates application mistakes that have resulted in uneven patches of colour, unsightly streaks and unpleasant blotches so your glow can look as flawless as intended. Though it comes without a cape (you get a mitt instead!), it’s also fab for subduing a fading tan or muting your colour altogether in preparation for a fresh application of fake tan.

To correct mistakes apply some product onto the accompanying mitt and press it down on your skin while massaging in circular motions over the areas that need correcting. Blend carefully into your existing tan and watch as your colour gradually evens out. You can repeat the process again if you need to.

For a full tan detox that prepares your skin for a new application of colour use the same technique over stubborn areas and follow up by exfoliating in the shower. Once your colour has dampened down to your liking you can safely apply another application of fake tan over your smooth skin 24 hours later.

Religious about fake tanning? Moisturised with Aloe Vera and Willow Bark, this self tan remover is an absolute saviour of a product that your bathroom cabinet shouldn’t be without. Order your bottle of this Sienna X hero here.