How to retail tanning essentials to your clients

Selling fake tan retail products and accessories, like mitts, mousses and moisturisers is an easy way to boost your income with little extra work. For instance, simply order from us online, promote in-store and cash in on the profit margin.

Here are three things you can do today to retail tanning essentials to your clients:


Capitalise on the time your client’s in the spray tan booth and clue them up on all your retail tanning products. Better yet, make your recommendations specific to their needs. For example, a client who suffers from dry skin could benefit from a pre-tan exfoliant to boost the lifespan of their tan. Meanwhile, a client who’s unable to return for their next treatment might like a top-up tanner that they can use between spray tans.

Window dress

Showcase the products you’re retailing at the window, the cash desk, the waiting area or on a freestanding shelving unit. Clients who arrive early can peruse the products and customers who are making their payment can take a look before they leave. This is great for perhaps spurring on an impulse purchase at the door.

Offer a freebie!

Inexpensive sachets of tanning retail products are available to order online. Why not gift your longstanding clients a body balm or scrub to give them a taster of each product? Next time they pop in, ask them if they liked it to encourage a sale. Finally, it can help to combine a couple of products together, creating a bundle so they feel like they’ve made a saving.

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