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How to make an eyebrow wax more comfortable for your client

2 Min Read Thursday 27th June 2019

Check out these 7 ways to make eyebrow waxing more comfortable for your client:

  1. As always double check the temperature of your brow wax to ensure it’s warmed up correctly. Wax that’s too hot could damage or lift the delicate skin on your client’s eyebrow area upon removal.
  2. Apply Soothing Oil to the skin before making a start to create a fine barrier between the skin and the wax. This skin-protecting oil allows the wax to shrink-wrap around hair and not the skin, so that every hair is targeted and removed from the root. That means swifter, effective treatments that cut out the need to repeat wax over the same area.
  3. Remember that for many people the anticipation of pain often tends to be worse than the pain itself so keep the conversation going to take your client’s mind off the mild discomfort of the treatment.
  4. Always stretch the skin tight before removing wax strips. The combination of pulling the skin tight and applying pressure once the strip is removed reduces pain and encourages a cleaner, smoother result.
  5. Follow the half and half rule — when removing each strip of wax, pull half off and apply pressure before removing the final half. This technique of breaking down the removal of the strip into two parts is far more comfortable than pulling the entire strip off in one motion.
  6. Apply Cooling Creme to the eyebrow area to finish off the treatment to instantly soothe away any soreness and calm irritation.

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