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How to feel comfortable with intimate waxing treatments

2 Min Read Friday 30th August 2019

You’re not uptight — most of us feel uncomfortable about revealing our bodies during waxing treatments. But the good news is that there are ways to make the whole process feel a bit less embarrassing and easier to manage. Here are our top 7 ways to feel more comfortable with intimate waxing treatments:

  1. Although you might feel self conscious about your body, your therapist will not blink an eye at stretch marks, scars, discolouration or cellulite. She’s seen it all (because it’s completely normal!) and will do everything she can to help you feel at ease. Remember you are not being judged.
  2. Don’t worry about having ‘too much hair’. In fact, shorter growth is harder to remove than longer hair so don’t trim away too much in advance of your treatment. If your hair is a bit longer than required you can trim it there.
  3. Ask for disposable underwear if you’d prefer to keep your knickers on during your treatment. You can move them to one side as your therapist completes each section so you’re never fully bare. Also ask for an extra modesty towel if you’d like more coverage. You can reveal and cover each area as needed.
  4. Keep the conversation going with your therapist because it will keep your mind off the discomfort.
  5. Or, if you prefer not to talk, let your therapist know that you would prefer a quieter treatment beforehand.
  6. Remember it will be over very quickly — a good therapist will complete a bikini line wax, full bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood at lightening speed.
  7. Maintain regular sessions and you’ll stop finding bikini waxes awkward and uncomfortable. Plus, the more often you wax, the sparser and finer your hair will grow back in the long term.

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