How to avoid common self-tanning mistakes

Your guide to the most common self-tanning slip-ups and how you can avoid them.

Get the perfect glow with professional advice from Sienna X to help you side step common fake tanning mistakes.

There are some notoriously tricky areas to get right when it comes to fake tanning but these can be easily tackled with a little expert guidance. Scrub the backs of heels, knees and elbows to ensure they are primed for your self-tanning lotion. Silky smooth skin will make it much easier to get a flawless finish as the colour will be evenly absorbed.

Squeeze a small amount of moisturiser into your fake tan before applying to dry areas and this will allow you to blend away any streaks.

Correctly timing your hair removal procedures around your self-tanning treatment is really important in achieving a beautiful tan. Shaving or waxing exfoliates the skin, so it is definitely best to carry out any hair removal before your treatment. We advise that you undergo any waxing at least 24 hours before you apply your fake tanning product, as the pores remain open and can give a dotted effect when colour is applied.

The face should be clean, dry and free of any traces of make-up before applying any self-tan. Sweeping a cotton ball soaked in gentle toner across the face an hour before tanning can remove excess oil and ensure the perfect base for a golden glow.

When it comes to a fantastic tan, patience is key. Give your tan time to settle before you slip into any clothes as this will prevent any possible colour transfer onto your clothing.