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How many waxing treatments should I average per day?

2 Min Read Friday 19th April 2019

The number of waxing treatments you complete each day will vary. However, it makes sense to have a general idea about how many sessions you should be able to fit into your day so you can guage how well you’re using your time.

Of course, some waxing treatments, like full bikinis and leg waxes, are expected to take longer than smaller ones, such as eyebrow shaping. You might also spend more time on each treatment if you’re newly qualified or if your client has never had a wax before and needs extra guidance and a bit more space to feel comfortable.

The approximate allocated times listed below outline how long each variety of waxing treatment should take. It’s unlikely you’ll be doing the same treatment, for example leg waxes only, for an entire day so it can be tricky to come up with a guaranteed average as every day will be different to the next. Nevertheless you can still use these times as a rough guide to working out how many, and which, treatments you can slot into your working day:

  • Full leg 30-45 mins
  • Half leg 15-30 mins
  • Classic bikini, underarm, upper lip, chin/jaw line 15 mins each
  • Brows 15-20 mins
  • Male brows 15-20 mins
  • Male back or chest¬† 30 mins each

Bear in mind that a Brazilian or Hollywood wax will take longer than a classic bikini wax. Sessions with clients who have coarser hair, or those with longer growth that requires trimming, can take also take slightly longer. Vice versa, regular clients with sparser growth who need little reassurance from you may take less time.

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