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Four Sienna X facials from The Skincare Collection

4 Min Read Friday 20th August 2021

As we look ahead to Autumn, the change in season thus marks the changing needs of clients. That’s right, facials are regularly back on the cards. Whether you’re already performing these on clients or are exploring the option of training in this service, The Skincare Collection is a hard-working, supercharged range suitable for all skin types. Consisting of 11 pieces, the premium collection allows you to craft a bespoke menu of facial treatments based on each clients’ desired result. Read on for four of our menu favourites.

Refresh & Revive Facial

Client in a rush? This treatment is perfect for those looking for a quick pick-me-up before heading out. Begin with The Cleansing Lotion to remove any traces of make-up, before balancing with The Toning Solution. Then choose between The Clay Mask or The Miracle Mask – clay is perfect for detoxing oily skin types, while the latter is a hydration hit. Depending on age and concerns, The Retinol Serum can be pressed into skin after the mask is removed. Finish with The Eye Cream and The Day Cream to prime and perfect the face prior to make-up application.

Brightening Facial

For the client looking for a boost of brightness, incorporate products with powerful active ingredients. Cleanse with either The Cleansing Lotion or The Cleansing Balm. Then, buff The Facial Polish, with Mineral Volcanic Pumice, into the skin. This sloughs away any dead cells and purifies the surface. We recommend The Miracle Mask after this, featuring anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits so skin appears instantly brighter and blemish free. Add The Retinol Serum depending on client preference, then prep the skin for leaving the salon with the SPF formulated into The Eye Cream and The Day Cream.

Detoxifying Facial

The go-to facial for congested or acne-prone skin. Start with a deep cleanse with The Cleansing Balm, removing longwear and waterproof makeup, with Rose Geranium Essential Oil to calm skin. For a professional touch, consider offering The Chemical Peel to clients with breakouts or pigmentation – 10% glycolic acid and 5% fruit acid safely and effectively exfoliate skin to reveal a smoother complexion. Repeat treatments will achieve a more even skin tone over time, so your client can regularly return for this. The detoxifying mask is The Clay Mask, absorbing excess sebum while drawing out impurities from pores to promote a clearer base. Perform a massage on the client before applying the mask to stimulate bloodflow. As a result, this will deliver a super luxe spa quality to your service. Apply The Eye Cream and award-winning The Day Cream so the client is ready to face the day.

Intense Hydration Facial

Dryness is often the number one cited skin concern for facial clients. Those with dry and/or mature skin types will easily see the benefits of the thoughtful formulations incorporated into The Skincare Collection to combat this. Choose between The Cleansing Balm or The Cleansing Lotion to begin, then spray a cotton pad generously with The Toning Solution to rebalance. The Facial Polish is a key player in this routine, buffing away any dead skin cells and preparing to hydrate skin deeper beneath the surface. Apply The Miracle Mask, with Natural Manuka Honey, to boost the client’s moisture level. This also contains Oat Kernel Oil, a natural antioxidant that prevents skin ageing. Finally, introduce The Facial Oil, with a blend of five botanical lipids, into a massage. A single drop goes a long way, with enough moisture to glide across skin and intensely hydrate. 

Add a luxury touch…

At Sienna X, we believe in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) facial method. This entails tapping the skin in key touchpoints – the top of the head, eyebrows, temples, chin, collarbones etc. – to relieve tension, strain from technology and reduce puffiness. Working to calm hormonal levels, the client will leave feeling significantly more destressed and relaxed than before they walked through your door!

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