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Fast-acting tanning solutions for last-minute clients

2 Min Read Friday 29th December 2017

There’s always someone isn’t there?

A client who hasn’t booked in for an appointment but asks to be squeezed in for a quick spray tan in time for New Year’s?

Well, who are we to disappoint?!

  1. ‘Tonight’s the Night’ Fast Tan Solution is perfect for achieving a last-minute professional glow because it develops in just 2 hours on light to medium skin tones (simply leave on for a couple more hours for medium to olive complexions). It’s a fantastic supplement to your existing tan line because you can whip it out for busy clients who are undecided about committing to a treatment because they don’t have to time to hang about in tanner all day. Plus, it attracts clients who want to bypass the fuss of a lengthy developing time and get tanned in time for same-day events. Applied in same way as any other tanner, Tonight’s the Night delivers the identical flawless sun-kissed colour of our other percentages — place your order here.
  2. Looking for something even faster? Stock up on our One Hour Tanning Solution that can be washed off in 60 minutes and develops over the next 2-4 hours. Courtesy of the advanced tan intensifiers blended into the solution, this tanner lends the skin a caramel glow that’s perfect for walk ins that are in a rush.

Have either of these speedy tanners in your solution supply closet and you’ll never need to turn away another last-minute client again.

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