Expert self-tanning advice from Sienna X

Fabulous fake tanning tips from the expertly qualified therapists at Sienna X.

Take a master class in sunless tanning with our specialist tips to help you get a dream tan every time!

The tanning experts at Sienna X are at the forefront of their industry and know the best ways to achieve a professional, natural-looking tan. Following their tips will help you to match your tanning treatment to your personal needs and ensure that your tan is flawless.

A good starting point if you’re keen to get a natural result is to choose the right tanning formulation for your skin tone. Your skin will either be fair, medium or dark and you should adapt your choice of formula to enhance your base tone accordingly if you want that just-holidayed glow.

If you want an even tan without streaks, exfoliation is essential. It is worth waiting until your existing layers of tan fade sufficiently before you apply another layer of colour.

It is important to remember that once the guide colour has been given the correct developing time, it will not continue to deepen in colour. Tanning last thing before you go to sleep is an excellent way to keep your guide colour true by letting it develop while you sleep.

Adding a dab of moisturiser to your tanning lotion is a great way to keep dry knees, elbows and hands from overtanning.

Avoid wearing clothing that fits closely against the skin, with elasticated waistbands, socks and strappy tops being the most common culprits for leaving tan lines.