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Easy ideas to create a relaxed salon environment

2 Min Read Friday 17th May 2019

Work, the school run, the kids and exercise — when fitting everything in feels a bit too much, the beauty salon becomes a pampering retreat for those of us that want off the treadmill. Here are some simple ways to make your salon feel relaxed and welcoming for clients who are after some TLC:

  1. Select a soothing soundtrack instead of the radio. Make a playlist of tranquil hits, classical music or spa sounds.
  2. Keep soft furnishings neat and organised; clutter will only make your space look smaller and unkempt.
  3. Use a room diffuser to give the salon a welcoming, fresh scent — a cotton fragrance or coastal breeze is ideal.
  4. Create a reception area with comfortable seating and magazines.¬† Make sure all your reading material is up to date. A little library of books is a cute idea that’s a bit more unique than a stack of magazines and you won’t need to update them as often.
  5. In the mornings air out the salon by opening up your windows. The fresh air will remove any odours and bring the scent of the outdoors inside.
  6. Plant life is brilliant for adding greenery to a treatment area and is cheaper than displaying fresh flowers that need changing every week. Succulents are perfect because they require little care and infrequent watering.
  7. Select light wall colours for compact spaces to instantly create the illusion of a larger space. Place large mirrors on the wall to reflect the daylight and illuminate every corner.
  8. Sweep up throughout the day if you offer hair cutting services to keep the floor clear.
  9. Offer clients a hot drink upon arrival. A little biscuit placed on the side of their saucer is a small extra that turns a latte into a treat.
  10. If you’ve got space, purchase a coat closet that hides away client bags, coats and scarves instead of an open stand. This will instantly neaten up your salon.
  11. Take time over consultations so your client doesn’t feel rushed. This is the moment to really listen so they feel relaxed and rested.
  12. And finally, smile! Smiling is infectious, warm and welcoming. Plus it wont cost you a penny!

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