Boost your income during low trading periods

Covid-19 has given many of us a new perspective, not only on our health, but the way that we can operate business during times of extreme trading lows and uncertainty.

With normality interrupted, we have some top tips to boost income during quiet periods or times of uncertainty.

Where possible rearrange appointments rather than cancelling

Even during highly unusual scenarios such as these, offering to rearrange an appointment for when it’s all over, could make more sense than cancelling altogether. Discuss with each customer on an individual basis what they would prefer as this will make them feel valued and want to come back to you when things get back on track.

If, like many, you are required to close your services for a period of time, it shows great service to maintain regular communication with clients, either over the phone or via text to keep them abreast of your situation and ready to get booked in as soon as you’re back up and running.

Similarly, if a client (understandably) cancels an appointment with yourself due to concerns, try to encourage them to rearrange their appointment for a later date.

Offer Vouchers

Although some of you may not be able to offer treatments for the time-being, selling vouchers can be a great way to maintain regular cashflow during a low period and also give customers something to look forward to in the future.

Customers might want to buy vouchers for friends or family to cheer them up – and people are still having birthdays and celebrations which they’ll want to make the most of when things are back to normal.

Consider offering small discounts on vouchers during this period of uncertainty as that will incentivise customers to purchase sooner rather than later.

You can offer our lovely Sienna X Gift vouchers which allow you to hand personalise the business name and authorisation, as well as the value of the voucher and end date.

Retail products for local delivery

One great idea is, when a regular local client is unable to make their appointment due to self-isolation or social distancing, offer them the opportunity to do their own treatments from home with retail products that you can deliver. They might be stuck indoors but they still want to look and feel their best.

This could include tan maintenance treatments from the Sienna X Self Tan Range, helping clients to maintain their salon tan and feel good about themselves with products that they can apply at home.

Brow retail products can also be sold to clients to help maintain their brow treatments at home. And Facial retail treatments are also a great retail opportunity for clients, as self-care is just one of the ways to help relax during such a strange and stressful time. Make it personal by selecting and recommending facial products for your clients based on their skin concerns, and give them a weekly routine to encourage them to keep their skin in tip top condition, making the most of their time indoors to pamper themselves a bit.

Sienna X offer a highly efficacious and indulgent range of natural, vegan-friendly retail products at great trade prices. To learn more about the retail collections we offer, visit our professional website or contact us on 0333 600 1200.