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Are skincare gurus like Caroline Hirons worth listening to?

2 Min Read Friday 21st February 2020

Beauty gurus, skincare vloggers and lifestyle YouTubers are minting money and fame these days via blogs, videos and Instastories that speak directly to their subscribers. But should you be listening to skincare experts, such as Caroline Hirons, or trusting your gut when it comes to caring for your client’s skin?

It’s true that many online skincare mentors like Caroline have heaps of industry knowledge, access to a range of products and years of practical experience, which lends them instant credence. Having said that, there’s only one way to assess someone’s skin and that’s via a real-life consultation and an in-person conversation.

Your special skill as a skincare therapist is that you can create customised treatments for your clients based on the appearance and texture of their skin. You can gather background information on their general health, learn of any contraindications, talk about any medication they may be on and suggest suitable products.

Indeed, your practical experience and training trumps everyone else’s judgement because you’re privy to specific details relating to specific clients. So, though it may be worth listening to other skincare experts for industry news, info on the latest facials and tips on keeping up with current trends, the bottom line is that there’s nothing that compares to your in-house knowledge and insight.

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