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3 reasons to get a wax before your due date

2 Min Read Tuesday 14th November 2017

The nausea, acid reflux, swollen feet and sickness are about to come to an end as motherhood beckons! Take our advice and carve out some time to pamper your skin before your beauty routine is lost to night feeds and nappies.

Here are three reasons why you might like to consider waxing before your due date:

  1. You can’t see your feet to tie your shoelaces at this point so shaving has become a bit of an acrobatic experience. Save yourself from injury in the shower and get a professional wax instead. Your therapist will be able to wax all the areas you can’t reach and leave your skin feeling silky smooth from top to toe. Plus, lots of women like to feel fully prepped for the birth because it helps them to feel confident and in control.
  2. It’s common for many new mums to have to get stitches after giving birth and all mamas will be dealing with a postpartum period that can last for up to six weeks. Getting a quick bikini wax before your due date means you won’t have to worry about any maintenance while you fully recover and can spend the immediate weeks after the birth bonding with your newborn.
  3. Finding the time to make a cup of tea can seem impossible when you have a tot to care for that needs 24/7 attention so body hair removal will likely take a back seat. Waxing before the birth means you’ll be hair-free for up to a month, leaving you with lots of time to immerse yourself in the wonders of motherhood.

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