20 Aug 2014

Will fake tan work on my dark skin?

Cover up blemishes with tanner. Replicate a holiday glow. In a nutshell…yes! But why would someone who already has beautifully…

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15 Aug 2014

Add some shimmer to your tan

Go for glitz Sienna X gold and silver shimmer sprays for hair and body. Enhance you caramel tan with a…

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13 Aug 2014

Does fake tan cover up acne scars?

Use sunless tanner to reduce the appearance of scarring from spots. A golden tan will balance out redness. Last-minute spot…

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08 Aug 2014

Tanning dry skin

Dry patches of skin will absorb more tanner. Moisturise dry skin before a tanning treatment. Elbows as rough as old…

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06 Aug 2014

The best tanner for freckled skin

Does fake tan cover up freckles? Sunless tanners for lighter skins. Described as kisses from the sun, freckles are a…

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01 Aug 2014

Self tanners that don’t smell

Fragrant fake tans. Protect your nose from smelly tanners. Delicate schnozzle? Don’t let the smell of fake tan put you…

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30 Jul 2014

How to touch-up a fake tan

Learn how to use touch-up tanners to make your tan last longer. Save some bucks by prolonging the life of…

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25 Jul 2014

Gradual tanner tips

Gradual tans are quick to apply and show great results. Use as often as you like to customise your colour.…

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23 Jul 2014

Will a spray tan make my rosacea worse?

Alcohol-free Sienna X tanners won’t dry out the skin. A caramel tan will tone down redness. Blushing in public can…

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18 Jul 2014

The secret to creating the perfect sunless tan

A paean to the humble tanning mitt. The resident rockstar in your home-tanning kit. We admit it…this title might be…

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