12 Sep 2014

What is a guide colour?

Why is tanner so dark when it comes out of the bottle? A deep guide colour is useful during the…

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10 Sep 2014

Can you fake tan over an existing natural tan?

Deepen your holiday glow with a touch of tanner Don’t use fake tan over sunburnt skin There’s no reason why…

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05 Sep 2014

Tan up and go make-up free

Opt for a golden spray tan and use less make-up. A sunless tan will cover up blemishes for a week.…

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03 Sep 2014

Spray tans for the start of the school year

Parents! Pamper your skin! Celebrate the beginning of a new school term. Dear mums and dads…you’ve made it! The summer…

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29 Aug 2014

Fake tanning after waxing

Waxing is a great way to exfoliate the skin. Remove unwanted hair and exfoliate your skin in a single waxing…

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27 Aug 2014

Speedy sunless tanner

Instant Bronzing Gel: a fast fake tan. The amazing super tan. Whoosh! It’s the speediest tanner on the planet…Instant Bronzing…

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22 Aug 2014

What kit do I need to fake tan?

Invest in a tanning mitt and a headband. Moisturise to prolong your colour. Calling all newbie tanners! Got your first…

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20 Aug 2014

Will fake tan work on my dark skin?

Cover up blemishes with tanner. Replicate a holiday glow. In a nutshell…yes! But why would someone who already has beautifully…

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15 Aug 2014

Add some shimmer to your tan

Go for glitz Sienna X gold and silver shimmer sprays for hair and body. Enhance you caramel tan with a…

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13 Aug 2014

Does fake tan cover up acne scars?

Use sunless tanner to reduce the appearance of scarring from spots. A golden tan will balance out redness. Last-minute spot…

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