23 Apr 2014

Sunless tans with natural ingredients

Moisturising fake tan products. Self tanner that soothes and strengthens the skin. Messing with Mother Earth is asking for trouble,…

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18 Apr 2014

Book your Easter spray tan today!

Tan up for the holidays. Caramel coloured skin will perfectly complement the Easter backdrop of half-eaten chocolate treats. Four consecutive…

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16 Apr 2014

Why do bodybuilders use fake tan?

Sunless tan defines muscles. Stretch marks from weight training can be camouflaged with a spray tan. Sun-kissed tans, the heat…

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11 Apr 2014

Sienna X fake tan reviews

Add a review of your favourite Sienna X tan. Find useful reviews on our online shop, hit the ‘reviews tab’…

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09 Apr 2014

How to find a Sienna X accredited spray tan salon

Use our Therapist Locator tool to search for nearby tanning therapists. Feel confident that your skin is being cared for…

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04 Apr 2014

Start your skin makeover

Enliven your skin with a golden tan. Refresh your look for the warmer weather. Dear slouchy sweater, snuggly scarf and…

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02 Apr 2014

Sunless Tanning FAQs

Fake tanning questions answered by the experts. Self tanning basics. Here’s our round up the most common questions people ask…

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28 Mar 2014

The best instant tan

A sunless tanning gel for when time is short. A quick tanner for face and body. Guess who stocks the…

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26 Mar 2014

Fake tanning sets for Mother’s Day

Tan & Glam – a sunless tanning kit for creating a radiant colour on the skin that lasts. An extravagant-looking…

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21 Mar 2014

Sunless solutions to topping up a fake tan

Tan fading too quickly on your hands and feet? Problem solved. Use our tanning top-up essentials to retouch your sunless…

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