31 Oct 2014

Cracking Sienna X presents for Christmas

Is it ever too early to prepare for holiday season? Sienna X Christmas presents come gift-wrapped in festive packaging. Determined…

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29 Oct 2014

Highlighter for tanned skin

Illuminating Pencils are handy highlighters for compact make up bags. Formulated to complement a golden colour. Sculpting and defining the…

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24 Oct 2014

Finding your ‘forever’ tanning therapist

Choose Sienna X tanning salons to guarantee a professional service. Our tans are available across the UK. Creatures of habit,…

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22 Oct 2014

Can I use self tanner on dry skin?

Mix moisturiser into your tanning product to achieve an even coverage of colour. Wait for cracked skin to heal before…

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17 Oct 2014

Tanning video guides

Step by step tanning tutorials Learn how to apply our entire product range Take a look at our ‘How-To’ videos…

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15 Oct 2014

Bedtime tanning checklist

Tips for tanning before bed. Your tan will develop as you sleep and be ready to wash off in the…

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14 Oct 2014

From Summer Glow to Autumn Glam: #SeasonalSienna Beauty Tips

We’ve had a great summer here at Sienna X, which was rounded off by celebrating all things Spring/Summer ’15 at…

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10 Oct 2014

Sunless tanning tips for fair skin

Avoid tanning mishaps Create a natural-looking finish that looks fresh. If you’re a redhead with porcelain skin and you want…

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08 Oct 2014

Two ways to achieve a subtle Sienna x tan

Choose a mellow tan in a bottle or a gentle spray tan at the salon. Honey-coloured tans for the fall.…

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03 Oct 2014

Ready for the Indian Summer?

A spate of warm weather is on its way. Get golden skin fast with Instant Bronzing Gel. Cast aside your…

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